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I'm Sawyer, and my brother Andrew and I founded Bateman Labs in 2020 to design and build a better desk.

I am a software engineer and a gamer.  I spend a lot of time at my desk, on a computer.  Andrew is a journeyman cabinet maker.  Before he touches a single piece of wood he plans each project on his computer, at his desk.

But our desks, and yours, were designed for writing letters, not writing software.  They were meant for ink pots and paper, not keyboards and monitors.  What would a desk look like if it were designed for a computer and not the other way around?

Andrew and I opened a workshop in Vancouver to explore this question, and our first product is a lap desk that attaches to the most popular arm-chair of all time: IKEA's POÄNG.  We love the sitting position of the POÄNG and think it makes a phenomenal workstation for a laptop.